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Hangover 2 soon?

October 27, 2010

The Director of the Animated Comedy Series Lunki and Sika Janne the DirectorSo they fired Mel Gibson from his cameo in the upcoming Hangover sequel because he got drunk and said some stupid shit? C’mon… point me to anybody who says smart shit when they’re drunk. The big difference is we don’t get caught on tape doing it.

I see myself as the Swedish Mel Gibson. No, I don’t hate Jews (simply because I don’t know any) but I get drunk and rant on my wife. And in addition I also make movies about people that talk funny and get beaten to death.

What bugs me is that these saint-like choirboys who made the first Hangover pretend they are too good for him. They made a whole fucking movie about being drunk and doing stupid shit, made a shitload of money from it and now they’re making another! In the first one they had Mike Tyson in a cameo, a convicted rapist and wife beater!

Yeah, I guess Mel Gibson is much worse than that… ..eye roll..

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