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We have Beards so we know Movies! Review: The Social Network

October 28, 2010

The Animated Series Lunki and Sika - Sika wearing a Sika t-shirtJanne the Director came by the office before we went to the cinema to watch David Fincher’s The Social Network and he had a six-pack of beer with him. That’s not unusual but this time he shared a few with me. I know it’s not really the best for my Atkins diet but I couldn’t refuse him. He was so excited about the movie [read here], I haven’t seen him this happy since 2007 when Jared Leto broke his nose during a 30 Seconds To Mars-concert. I was however less excited. I don’t see the appeal about a movie revolving around the creation of Facebook. But the talent involved in making it made me curious.

A few beers later we went to see the film. The verdict? It was great. Why? Well…

The Script
The dialog was flawless. Fast paced like in an episode of Gilmore Girls, but believable and real. The characters was fascinating. I was hooked from the first scene.

The Soundtrack
It was awesome and had me nailed to my seat.

The Acting
Every bit of acting, all the way from “not Michael Cera” to my favorite “new” actor Andrew Garfield (the new Spider-Man) was great. Justin Timberlake did a scene stealing character and did a really good job, but I can’t understand the Oscar buzz around him. I mean; is it so much more of a great performance when it comes from somebody that shouldn’t be acting than a genuine actor?

The girl
Rooney Mara, my future wife was just lovely and she said that she doesn’t mind dating computer nerds and since I know very little about computers and I have a popular blog so I don’t see why we wouldn’t be perfect for each other, right? Sure, one could argue she said it in character in a movie but the way she seems to be method acting her way through the “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”-remake with piercings and whatnots she must have meant it.

The movie-going experience got a bit ruined because of Janne the Director’s beers. I had to do two bathroom-breaks and ask him when I got back what I had missed. The second time he got so mad because I ruined his movie-concentration he smacked my snacks out of my hands.

I had to pick it up from the floor. Not sure how Atkins that is…

My only problem with the movie itself was that even though I have spent so much time making Facebook a better place they didn’t even mention me once!

the animated comedy series and blog lunki and sika
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