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As you might have read we have gotten ourself a guardian in PHILIPS, a worldwide corporation that makes everything from headphones to amazing TV’s (Cinema 21:9!). And who’s to thank for this great thing?

His name is Stefan, a good-looking guy who loves traveling, music and apparently two creative guys from northern Sweden. He is also living proof that those Philips Sonicare Toothbrushes really works, just look at that smile!


Get your own toothbrushes here!

I am trying out a new compact speaker to my laptop. It’s a Philips Notebook SoundBar.

The first visual impression is very vice. The Soundbar comes in a small practical bag and is designed to take up very little room beside your laptop when transporting it. The speaker is in silver and have kind of a Mac look to it. And since I am the proud owner of a Macbook Pro it makes a perfect fit.

The speaker goes on top of the screen and since you connect it to the usb drive it doesn’t need a separate power supply.

So how is the sound then? I have tested the speakers with a wide range of music genres from Spotify and here are a few examples.

  1. Pop. The speakers work really great with The Kooks pop sound. Also when going towards more acoustic sounds like Elliott Smith the speaker is just awesome.
  2. Metal. When it comes to metal like In Flames and August Burns Red the speakers are actually still working out really good.
  3. Electronica. Trying club music, like The Prodigy, present a lack of base. The heavy beats are not coming through here, no wonder really. However, I haven’t listened to Prodigy since I saw them live in Roskilde 1997 so that’s all right by me.  If you want to use your laptop speaker to club dancing it’s probably not the speaker for you. No portable speaker probably is.

I also watched a streamed show with Amanda Jensen on the Swedish site SVT Play using the SoundBar. The sound was really good, but I did not realize how good it was until I saw the same show on my TV back home. The sound on the TV was not even close to the SoundBar. I mean sure, I have a shitty TV and would really need a new one, but also; the speakers are really good when it comes to dialogue.

Over all I’m really pleased with the speaker. They fulfill all the needs I have when it comes to a laptop speaker. Small, no external power supply needed and a design that goes with a Mac. If you have similar needs when it comes to laptop speakers and also listen to pop or watch video clips with dialogue this is definitely a speaker for you.

You can find it here!

A couple of days ago I traveled by bus down through northern Sweden, from Haparanda back home to Umeå; a seven hour trip over 400 kilometers. An excellent opportunity to try out my new Philips headphones!

The headphones come in a nice black case and have a nice and kind of exclusive look to them. One of the great things with them is that they have a function that reduces noise from the surroundings. The headphones have an on and off button and when I tried it out, it made a big difference. The surrounding sounds faded away quite significantly.

Since I didn’t have access to the Internet (read Spotify) on the bus I had to try them out with the collection of MP3s that I have on my computer. I don’t have that many MP3s so I had to work with what I got. Umeå Punk City is a collection of bands from, yeah, Umeå. I tried out some of the best from this collection; Invasionen, Brottsvåg and of course the genius Masshysteri. The sound was very good!

I also had some TED talks podcasts to try out how the headphones worked with the spoken word. And, beside learning the intriguing subject of “life lessons from an ad man”, I found that the sound was even better than when listening to punk rock from Umeå. Here the function of noice canceling really comes in use. The dialogue gets a lot clearer without the disturbance from obnoxious passengers on the bus.

I’m really pleased with the headphones and I will definitely continue to use them on the endless trips me and Sika’s success will generate. But in that case mostly to cancel out Sika’s constant babbling.

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  1. Jiji permalink
    April 5, 2011 10:59

    The squirrels squeaking in my backyard make my eardrums throb. Do these headphones help ? If yes, where in India can I buy them ?

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