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Season Three

the animated comedy show lunki and sika - sika measuring lunkiLunki and Sika – 037 – Sika and the Fat Man

The Holidays are over and the third season of Lunki and Sika begins. Will 2010 be the year Lunki and Sika succeeds in their quest for international stardom?

the animated comedy show lunki and sika - johnny the intern in dharma initiative jacket in the desert just as benLunki and Sika – 038 – LOST Weight?

What would happen if you make a crossover between LOST and Lunki and Sika? Well, you get this episode, AND a really confused Sika.

the animated comedy show lunki and sika - fat lunki and an abstinence ring

Lunki and Sika – 039 – The X-File meets the Lord of the Ring

Sika is convinced his new ring will get him girls. Lunki on the other hand has had a bad couple of days and doesnt feel so good.

the animated comedy show lunki and sika - sika as cary grant in north by northwest spoof

Lunki and Sika – 040 – The Fat and the Beautiful (Part 1)

The Wrath of Janne the Director gets Lunki and Sika back on the right track, the Quest for Stardom and their own TV-show in America.

the animated comedy show lunki and sika - sika as matt damon in a bourne identity spoof

Lunki and Sika – 041 – The Sika Identity (Part 2)

Sika is suffering from amnesia and Lunki sees a chance to exploit the situation.

the animated comedy show lunki and sika - sika with a picture of philip seymour hoffman

Lunki and Sika – 042 – For Your Consideration

It’s Oscar Night and Sika is preparing his acceptance speech. Lunki is very helpful, which makes Sika suspicious.

the animated comedy show lunki and sika - sika playing with his bert ernie elmo cookie monster dolls from sesame street

Lunki and Sika – 043 – Sika Street Blues

It’s time for a new competition where if they win get the chance to become new characters on Sesame Street. Lunki has information about the Sesame Street characters that Sika never heard before.

the animated comedy show lunki and sika - johnny the intern is calling his mom to tell her he is doing avatar 2 with sika and james cameron

Lunki and Sika – 044 – Avatar 2 – The Sequel

Sika has given Johnny the Intern one last chance to pitch one of his ideas. Will he take the chance to impress Sika with something awesome? And more importantly, will Sika like it?

the animated comedy show lunki and sika - sika in a rosa parks t-shirt

Lunki and Sika – 045 – Bromancing the Song

Lunki is planning a trip to the United States with his girlfriend. Sika thinks it’s weird he’s not invited to come along.

the animated comedy show lunki and sika - janne the director as a easter bunny and johnny the intern in a liverpool t-shirt

Lunki and Sika – 046 – Merchandise This!

It’s Friday and the big meeting about merchandising between Lunki and Sika and their agent has taken place. This is what happened.

the animated comedy show lunki and sika - star wars spoof with sika as luke skywalker and lunki as darth vader in light saber fight

Lunki and Sika – 047 – Stall Wars

Lunki and Sika goes head to head in a Star Wars-battle. Who will win? The one who hates Star Wars references or the one who has the Force strong up inside of him?

the animated comedy show lunki and sika - lunki as a super hero with guns and bandana

Lunki and Sika – 048 – The Office Super Heroes

Lunki is psyched about the latest movie trend; ordinary people dressing up and becoming Super Heroes. Sika isn’t as psyched, since Lunki also has decided what characters they should be.

the animated comedy show lunki and sika - sika with his shirt off showing off his tom magnum selleck chest hair

Lunki and Sika – 049 – The Rejection Band

Sika has finally gotten a girls phone number and is already planning his new life as a Family Man.

the animated comedy show lunki and sika - sika singing frank sinatra in a official music video set in jail

Lunki and Sika – 050 – The Good Deeds Song (Official Music Video)

Sika leaves the office dressed as a super hero in an effort to win a contest. But instead of ending up a hero, he ends up somewhere completely different.

Animated Series Lunki and Sika presents The Gayest Movie Titles Ever

The Gayest Movie Titles Ever!

Lunki is writing a book titled “The Gayest Movie Titles Ever!” Sika is annoyed to say the least.

lunki being shot at in central park in the episode tupac 2pac lunkiTupac Lunki

While on vacation in New York, Lunki is forced to use his new Non-Offensive American Dictionary. Sika is left at the office in Sweden, pissed off.

Janne the Director as a suspect in the episode Law and Order SwedenLaw and Order: Sweden

The latest addition to the popular Law and Order franchise. Starring Sika, the sexiest actor to come out of Sweden since Stellan Skarsgård. In this clip Sika accuses Janne the Director of killing Lunki in the previous episode.

Lunki and Janne the Director performing a Stephen King Pet Sematary spoof at the graveyard.Halloween: The Resurrection of Lunki

Lunki’s dead body is starting to stink up the office. Sika and Janne the Director can’t stand it anymore so they decide to bring him back to life!!

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