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Funny Stuff (TBA)

January 10, 2013

sika-paris-saint-germain-jerseyWow, it’s been ages since I posted something.

I know what you all are thinking; “Sika, have you been out partying all nights of the week with celebrities with one girl under each arm, drinking champagne and ended up having orgies with models and stuff?”

Yes. And also my computer broke. But now I am back with a new one, so get ready for a bunch of upcoming hilarious posts. I haven’t written any of them yet, but I’m working on some stuff with working titles like;streck-smalt-vitt
Top 10 Best Movies 2012.
Infiltrating Swedish Television.
Fat Ballet Girl.
Top 10 Annoying TV Characters 2012.

and of course, my favorite:

Top 10 Profanities to use when your computer breaks and you realize nothing has been backed up.

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