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Opera Man

June 21, 2012

Comedian. Actor. Singer. That’s three words you might use when talking about me.

Want another one? Well, how about MODEL!?!? No, I am not kidding, I am the new, fresh poster boy of NO!, the Opera house here in northern Sweden.

My face is going to be plastered all over town promoting their Fall 2012 shows. And not only is my face on the cover of their program, it’s also going to be on a billboard in front of the Opera building!

A minor quibble though if I’m honest, ehm, nothing big, but I would have preferred not having to wear the sack over my head so only my eye is visible.. But I guess that’s what you have to accept when you are chosen to do a promo for the Opera’s production of The Elephant Man, premiering October 6.

The talented Jakob Arevärn directed the photo shoot. Check him out here, he’s done some great/crazy music videos.

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