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It’s Not Easy Being Green. Or Reading Labels.

June 4, 2012

I have been a fan of The Incredible Hulk ever since I watched David Banner (Bill Bixby) try to change a tire on his car in pouring rain. This was back in the early eighties, so he needed to use his hands and a cross rim to do it instead of an app helping him out (they have invented one of those now, right?). But he wasn’t strong enough and he got mad.. And we all know what happens when Dr. Banner gets mad. He turns into The Incredible Hulk (Lou Ferrigno) who flips the car down a hill.

I was captivated and from then on out The Incredible Hulk was my favorite super hero.

Even before the recent success of The Avengers and particularly the awesomeness of The Hulk in that movie, I wrote about the amazing news that a new Hulk TV-show was in development at ABC with Guillermo del Toro onboard as executive producer. Now I’ve read there’s a new Hulk movie in the works as well! Wow, being a Hulk fan is truly great these days.

But sadly not for everyone.. I recently read about 35-year-old Paulo Henrique dos Santos from Brazil who decided to go to a costume party as his favorite green super hero. Everything was fine until he was about to wash off the green paint. It didn’t come off. He looked at the paint’s labelling and discovered that the paint was commonly used by the military to paint submarines and missiles and not really suitable as body paint. Poor man.

Put-on time: 30 minutes.
Take-off time: 24 hours (constant scrubbing)!

I find this picture of him hilarious. You can truly see how fed up he is. I’m guessing he’s in hour eight of scrubbing here. Only sixteen to go..

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  1. June 4, 2012 10:59

    Oh that poor guy!! Hilarious though :p

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