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Gilmore Boys

May 3, 2012

We are finally finished with the re-write of the pilot script we have been working on. It turned out five pages long which means we will have to speak in Gilmore Girls pace in order to get everything said in the three minute video we are making. But we’re up for the challenge.

But before I can summon my inner Al Pacino acting skill and Lunki can summon whatever the hell his inner acting skill is.. I want to say Chuck Norris.. but anyway, before we can start taping the dialogue, we decided to be professional and get ourself a proper sound recording booth. Because sound is important. People have told me that.

It was easier said than done, since a proper one cost a lot of money. Lunki came up with the second best thing, build our own. So we did! All we needed was our desks from IKEA, two duvets, some old carpets and a bunch of gaffer tape. It ended up more like a box than a booth, but it actually worked great when we tested it out.

And doesn’t it look lovely as well?

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