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The Two Alexanders

April 16, 2012

Ultimate Fighting Championship, UFC, is an American mixed martial arts organization. They had their first event in Sweden this saturday in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Or as they said on the TV-show, the capital of Scandinavia.

I didn’t have a ticket to the show, because the 15 428 tickets sold out instantly making it the most visited sport event in the Globe Arena ever.

I watched it on TV.
When I watched the main fight between Swedish fighter Alexander Gustafsson and Brazil’s Thiago Silva two things hit me (no pun intended).

1. Alexander Gustafsson has the same aura as another famous Swede with the same first name, Alexander Skarsgård. Alexander should totally play Alexander in the movie about Alexander. He just have to get those cauliflower ears that fighters have, but it would totally be worth it.

2. The current president of UFC Dana White complimented the Swedish spectators for their interest and knowledge about the sport. I can not help to think of one of the main things that made the sport so big in Sweden. It’s spelled The Pirate Bay. The notorious Pirates are one of the reasons that Swedes have been able to download and follow the UFC. You should send the guys at The Pirate Bay some free tickets for making the sport so big here in Sweden the next time you are here Dana!

Alexander Gustafsson won his fight by the way!. So, what do you think? Does the two Alexanders have the same aura?

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