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Movie Memories: Squirm (1976)

April 3, 2012

I have collected movies since I was 12 (almost twenty-five years!), starting it all off with a bootlegged vhs copy of the horror movie Squirm which I hid from my parents and watched one time when I was home alone.

I say “copy”.. it was more like a copy-of-a-copy-of-a-copy.. but even though the quality was horrible, it still scared the hell out of me and I remember refusing to eat spaghetti for weeks, which totally worried my mom. She openly blamed my sudden pasta-hatred on puberty and “he’s just going through a phase”..
I secretly knew who to blame, but I have to this day never told her about the encounter I had one night with a bunch of electrified man-eating worms.

Yesterday I rummaged through the boxes of vhs tapes that I now have in storage and found the Squirm tape. I decided to watch it.

The quality was still horrible, but the horror I felt when I watched it that first time was long gone. It was more fun than scary, basically because the crappy effects that I back then saw for the first time, now felt like I could make myself with a bottle of ketchup and a bowl of porridge.

But still, it was a dose of nostalgia and also, it triggered me to write what possibly might be the greatest text ever written containing pasta-hatred, worms and electricity.

Thanks for that Squirm.

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