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Trust No One

April 1, 2012

When everybody thought Spring had finally come, it started snowing like crazy here in Sweden. But even if that’s true I don’t expect you to believe me since today is April 1st. I don’t know what traditions other countries have, but here in Sweden we tell people a funny lie and as soon as they believe it, we tell them: “Hahaha, you’re a fool now. An April’s fool.”

The newspapers has a tradition too where they make one fake news article and have people guessing which one it is until they revealed it on April 2nd. Well, nowadays with every newspaper also being online, the joke’s usually revealed the same day.

I say usually, at 8am this morning I went online to read the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet. They had posted an article called “Were you fooled this morning?” wherein they had gathered all April Fool’s jokes from all the other newspapers. At 8am?! Some poor intern must have started working at 4am to gather all the jokes to make that kind of spoiler article?

I would have loved it if the list they said contained jokes from all the other Swedish newspapers actually was a fake list containing April Fool’s jokes all written by they themselves. Wouldn’t that have been a great April Fool’s joke? Instead of just a cheesy spoiler article?

Anyway, Janne the Director called and told me he was in town and wondered if we could meet up for a coffee at a local café. And yes, you know where this is going: I said yes, hurried out with dog to make him poop, hurried inside, hair-dried the snow off the dog, showered, got dressed, told the dog to behave while I was gone, headed out, started walking, cursed at the snow, halfway there, phone rings, Janne the Director tells me he is actually home under a blanket watching Project Runway and that us meeting for coffee was just a joke. He called me a fu*king fool and hung up the phone.

I hate April Fool’s Day. How about you?the animated comedy series and blog lunki and sika

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