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The Dog Magnet

March 27, 2012

Sika is using his dog to try to find a girlfriend. Sure, the dog is cute, but I’m not sure he’s THAT cute.

Sika has also started to bring the dog with him to the office. I’m not to happy about it since I’m super allergic. Tell me, why is it dogs seem to love allergic people? They can’t stay away. Since he started to be at the office he constantly tries to sit in my lap. And I keep pushing him away.

Until today that is, when I finally caved. I mean, he is so cute and there seem to be a limited number of times you can reject him!
Hmm.. Maybe that’s Sika’s secret plan? If he shows off the dog enough times to women they will finally give in to the dog’s cuteness and then they have to talk to Sika in order to pet the dog? And then Sika makes his “move”.. I must admit, that is a cunning plan.

I just reminded Sika that in order to make that plan work, he needs to leave the office once in a while. Perhaps if he took the time he’s wasting watching old Huey Lewis and the News videos on YouTube and spent it on showing off that dog instead. I bet then he’d get a girlfriend in no time.

Only time will tell, I guess. Got to go now, there’s a bottle of Antihistamines with my name on it waiting for me at home. Sweet relief, here I come!

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