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Catching a Girlfriend – Step 2: The Dog Trick

March 27, 2012

I’ve decided to get a girlfriend this year and I’m trying out all the tricks in the book. Not literally though.. I mean, I don’t have an actual book.. I’m not even sure what kind of book that would be. Perhaps a mix between Kamasutra and The Game written by Dr. Phil would be a good start?

I don’t know and I actually don’t care, since I’m sticking to tricks I’ve learned from Movies and TV. Like “The Dog Trick“.

As you know, I have a dog named Tage. He’s a Chinese Crested Powder Puff, and he’s tiny and cute.

Before I got him I was let to believe that cute dogs was the perfect way to attract cute women. Sadly, my dog has so far failed to deliver. Sure, he attracts women, but:

1. I fear he is too cute since all the women I wished would notice me ONLY notices HIM when they pass us on the street.

2. The women that DO notice me and decides to stop and have a chat are all little old ladies and old enough to be my grandmother. And, might I add, none of them are in the GILF category (That’s a thing, right?).

3. Experts say a dog’s personality reflects that of its owner, which is why I really need to teach him not to start licking himself every time we stop to talk to someone in the street. The little old ladies have started to give me weird looks.

But even though he keeps failing to deliver, I’ve decided to keep him, mostly because he’s soooo cute. And partly because I hope that one day he will help me attract women under 80. But until then, I have other tricks up my sleeve!

Not literally though.. I mostly wear t-shirts. But you know what I mean..

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