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Eyeing the Future

March 22, 2012

I’m getting sick and tired of all these numbers, codes and passwords I have to learn for everything in my life. My landlord just installed a code lock on the door to get into my apartment building.So now there’s yet another number I need to store inside my brain. Where the hell is that retinal scanner I have been hearing so much about? Screw keys and code locks, I would put one of those on everything!

I called Lunki and complained. He disagreed and said he doesn’t even understand why I need to have a lock on my apartment door, because he thinks:

1) My apartment door looks like it leads to a scary attic.
2) I have nothing in my apartment that someone would want to steal.

Eh? Nothing to steal?? I know for a fact a bunch of people have been eyeing both my signed Al Pacino photo AND my collection of Benny Hill Complete and Unadulterated DVD’s. I have so much great stuff I might even need a safe that can only be opened by a retinal scanner.

Oh Future, when will you arrive?the animated comedy series and blog lunki and sika

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