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Wake me up before you Go-Go, Alan

March 21, 2012

I’m still sick and since I’m now all caught up with every Shameless US episode aired, I needed to find something other to do.

I decided to go downtown to buy me a new Xbox game. When I got there I discovered “new” means “expensive” so I decided to go with “used” instead. I found an old game for ten dollars called Alan Wake, but even if it’s old it’s hopefully still a good game. I know Sika has played it and he found it really great. But that might not mean much since he also says he loves playing the Alvin and the Chipmunks game on his Nintendo Wii..
But Alan Wake at least sounds promising, the cover says it’s a “Psychological Action Thriller”! And apparently all you need to do is shine a flashlight on people and then shoot them! The cover however also says it’s not suitable for people under 15 since it contains “strong threat”.

I have no idea what “strong threat” means, and I don’t care, I’m pulling down the blinds and lighting some candles. It’s time to kick some whatever the hell I’m fighting’s ass.

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