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Only Fools and Horses (and Boats)

March 15, 2012

My dad has had two great passions in life. When I was a kid it was boats. Boats in all sizes, colors and shapes. For years he went on numerous sailing adventures on a friend’s boat; crossing The Baltic Sea to Finland and back to Sweden. He loved it.

Back in 1985 he started to hint to my mom that “maybe he could buy a boat”, and that” it is a perfect vehicle for family fun”. My mom hated the idea. She hates boats. Despises them. If you’ve ever heard a woman saying, “Water is for drinking”, that’s her!
Anyway, when my mom didn’t get aboard (tee-hee) the idea he quickly regrouped and decided to get someone else aboard his buying-a-boat plan.. Yes, he turned to me. The eleven-year-old me..

Now, don’t get me wrong, I loved the idea. Of course we should buy a boat! Back then I thought having a boat meant you were rich. I had been wondering weather or not we were poor or not since we didn’t have a VCR, a microwave or a Nintendo 8-bit gaming console. Heck, mom still made coffee on the stove. But to buy a boat, that changes everything! Suddenly we were like the Trumps, although with great hair.

The boat he bought was a big, beautiful, classic wooden motorboat. I was amazed.

But my amazement was short lived. Ever heard of seasickness? Me neither, but I got quickly aware of it on our first voyage.. Who knew that much vomit could fit into an eleven-year-old body? Sure, a bit chubby, but still?

I did my first and last trip out on the sea that day, and let me tell you.. Well, I actually planned to quote George Costanza from Seinfeld and say, “The Sea was angry that day, my friends”, but actually, it wasn’t. It was quite calm weirdly enough.

My dad sold the boat after the summer. I think he was a bit disappointed. BUT, he soon enough (25 years later) found a new passion! HORSES! Yes, he went from loving boats to loving horses. He is now retired and spends most of his days helping out at a local stable.

Today he called me and said he had two things to say. He was happy that HBO show Luck had been cancelled, because as he said it “That show has killed off more horses than the village idiot “Karl the horse hater” did back in the 1950’s. He also said he had good news. He had bought himself a horse. Well, it actually was a Shetland pony, but we both agreed to call it a horse. This time he hadn’t sought approval for his purchase, he said, “I just went out and did it. I love horses that much and wanted to have one of my own. I can’t wait for you to come see him!”

Now, what I would like to know, and maybe you could help me out here. When is the perfect time to tell your horse-loving father who just bought a horse, that you after ruining his passion for boats also are allergic to horses?the animated comedy series and blog lunki and sika

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