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Typically Swedes

March 14, 2012

Lately I have been posting a couple of YouTube videos here on the blog. Yeah I know that’s lazy, but since I have been busy with the guys doing some finishing touches on our three-minute comedy pilot script for Swedish Television, and had no time writing stuff for the blog, I thought they would be better than nothing.

During my search for “Swedish” YouTube videos with Swedes who speak English, I came upon this one. It is an animated video called Typically Swedes and is described as “a film that brings up many kind of rumors and myths circulating abroad about Swedes”.

Now, before you watch it, I must warn you. It is bad. Really, really bad. In some instances “funny bad”, but on the whole, just “bad”. And I’m not saying that to hurt anyone’s feelings, I am pretty sure the creators of this film knows what a piece of horse manure they have produced. It also offers some really crappy animation, horrible sound, unhearable dialogue and bad english accents.


P.S. This film has more views than any of the ones we have made.. D.S.
P.P.S. No, not bitter, just telling how it is. D.D.S. 

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