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24: The Movie (Good News and Bad News)

March 14, 2012

Kiefer Sutherland announced back in January that they would start shooting 24: The Movie in April.

I have been happy every day since then. Until today.. when I read that things have changed. Why? Why must things change? ..anyway, here’s what I read:

Good news:
Rumors say that 24: The Movie will become a three part installment! So.. I guess, 72: The Trilogy?

Bad news:
20th Century Fox has decided to postpone the shoot of the film due to some budget problems. Also the studio is not sure they will have time to shoot everything before Keifer Sutherland has to go back to make the second season of his new TV series Touch. If there is a second season that is.

Not much to do I guess but wait and see and hope that they can shoot the film next year at least. I think a good start could be if NOONE watches Touch. Deal?

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