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I Can Get Satisfaction

March 13, 2012

In my series of Rock n Roll wines I have now tried The Rolling Stones Merlot “Forty Licks“; named after the compilation album Rolling Stones released in September 2002.

It is presented by “Wines that rock” that also made:

Woodstock Chardonnay
The Police – Synchronicity Red Wine Blend
Grateful Dead Red Wine Blend

I have not tried any of the above but I hope to soon. Does anyone know if I can get a hold of them here in Sweden? If not, I am ready to travel, I really would really love to make the “Lunki and Sika – Sideways” episode.

The price for Forty Licks is 119 Swedish kronor ($17,45 US) and even thought it’s not worth its price I still liked it a lot. It is better then the “Elvis The King” wine (way better!) and the KISS Zin Fire Zinfandel wine and ALMOST as good as the Motorhead wine. Yes, Lemmy still rules.

If you see Forty Licks it at the liqueur store I definitely recommend you to lick it up! No sorry that was the Kiss wine. I mean pick it up. I think I’m starting to get a bit tipsy.


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