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KISS Zin Fire Zinfandel Wine

February 20, 2012

KISS co-front man Gene Simmons is known for being an amazing business man and for being able to put the word KISS on every single item ever made and turning it into sellable merchandise.

And since I know how musicians struggle in this world of illegal piracy downloads, I was happy to support KISS with a bunch of my money when I discovered that the rock group had released their own wine in Sweden.

It’s called KISS Zin Fire Zinfandel and on the label there’s a quote saying: ”This wine is so good you want to Lick it up!”

In my home we use wine glasses so we didn’t need to do that.

The wine was quite good. If you are into rock wines I can put it like this, it is a hell of a lot better than the “Elvis” wine, but not as good as the Motörhead one.

Next up for review is the AC/DC wine (when I can get hold of it). And don’t miss my Spotify playlist containing Top 10 Swedish Bands I’d Rather See Making Wine (instead of Tomas Ledin)!

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