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Valentine’s Day 2012

February 10, 2012

In the middle of next week is Valentine’s Day and a lot of couple are doing their celebration of it this weekend.

Since being single means you aren’t allowed to celebrate Valentine’s Day, I have agreed to once again become a dog watcher for two people that are.

It’s my friend All-In Pete’s dog who needs someone to walk and feed him. As you know I’ve done it before and last time was eventful to say the least..

This time I’m bringing my own dog into the mix, which is a first. Imagine having to walk Marmaduke (his dog) and that tiny friend of his (my dog) at the same time; having to bring a trash bag for the big one and.. well, I hardly need to bring a bag for the tiny one’s excrement, his pellets looks like gravel and is hardly noticeable.

I do anyway, but sometimes it feels like a waste of plastic (I think about the environment and global warming and stuff..)

But how did we go from Valentine’s Day to dog poo? And why the hell is that cat in the picture?


Well, anyway, that’s my upcoming weekend. How about you, will you be embracing a loved one or are you also be doing some scooping?the animated comedy series and blog lunki and sika

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