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The 2012 Academy Awards Nominations

January 24, 2012

Since we are huge fans of the Oscars me and Janne the Director decided to do a live tweet session during today’s presentation of the 2012 Academy Awards nominations.

Little did we know the broadcast was going to be shorter than a Sinead O’Connor marriage. Seriously, it was more fast-paced than an episode of Gilmore Girls. While trying to tweet we missed a bunch of categories. None of the important ones though. Janne the Director has explained to me what “Art Direction” is, but I still don’t get it.

Here are some of the tweets we posted:

the animated comedy series and blog lunki and sika

We also noticed a bunch of weird decisions.. No nomination for Tintin in the Animated category? That is just ignorant. And no Best Picture nomination for neither The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo nor Drive (that oversight almost made Janne the Director’s head explode..). And sadly no Best Actor nomination för Michael Fassbender in “Shame”. I say sadly because I so desperately wanted to tweet:

Michael Fassbender got a Best Actor nomination for Shame. See Mom, masturbation can lead to other things than blindness!

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