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Socialist Sweden Supports Stephen Colbert for President

January 12, 2012

Watch your backs republican presidential candidates, comedian and talk show host of The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert might join the race for a shot at the White House!! Last night he hinted about it after he had received news that he placed better in a South Carolina Public Policy Polling survey than current third-runner-up Jon Huntsman. And I guess with all that Super-Pac money Colbert has gathered it would be possible.

I would love to see Colbert run, and I’m not alone. Dog owner and friend of Lunki and Sika, All-in Pete does too.

So much that he through his t-shirt brand T-Post, made a t-shirt promoting the comedian for President of the United States. And since he did it back in early December, I’m suspecting he’s not only a friend and dog owner, he might be psychic too. Here’s an extract of the article they wrote accompaning the t-shirt:

“(…) we might look forward to an all comedian White House staff. Stephen Colbert as President, Seth Meyers of Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update as Vice President, with Jon Stewart as Chief of Staff overseeing it all. And why Stephen Colbert for President? Well, I think people want a change and look forward to a Better Tomorrow. Tomorrow.”

Proof of All-in Pete’s actual psychic abilities can be seen in tonights edition of The Colbert Report.

I love this shirt. And the girl.

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