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Top 10 Swedish Bands I’d Rather See Making Wine (instead of Tomas Ledin)

December 16, 2011

The Swedish musician Tomas Ledin has decided to follow in the footsteps of AC/DC and Motörhead and release his own wine. The only difference is that he is a dork. His biggest achievement in my book is that he made a song that was used in a beer commercial. So, no, I am not very impressed.

I have instead made my own list of the top 10 Swedish bands that I would like to see make their own wine. You can also listen to the sound track on Spotify:the animated comedy series and blog lunki and sika

Top 10 Swedish Bands I’d Rather See Making Wine (instead of Tomas Ledin)

1. In Flames – Sober and Irrelevant
One of the best metal bands in Sweden deliver a solution to that. In a box.

2. Backyard babies – Shut the fuck up
It’s an old saying in Sweden. Shut the fuck up, stop babbling and get drunk.

3. The Baboon Show – Boredom Boredom go away!
One sip of this magic elixir and BOOM! It’s gone!

4. Entombed – Night of the Vampire
You crave more.. wine.

5. Graveyard – Uncomfortably numb 
The best new Swedish hard rock band will release a VERY strong wine. First you feel numb and then.. you might end up at the Graveyard. Muhahaha.

6. Harcore Superstar – Last Call for Alcohol
Hurry up! The bar is closing soon!

7. The Hellacopters – Carry med home 
It is that time of night when you really should go home. But you can’t.

8. The Haunted – Trespass
You get too drunk, and screw up really bad on your way home, but you can always say: “The Haunted Made Me do It”.

9. Refused – The Refused Party Program
The old non-drinking, straight edge, hardcore band from our hometown Umeå will of course release a red non-alcoholic wine for you to sober up.

10. Arch Enemy – Yesterday is Dead and Gone 
You wake up the next day with a bad case of anxiety and the only cure is the hair of the dog. Uncork the bottle and feel the soothing message from Angela Gossow. Yesterday is Dead and Gone.

Drink up and start all over with wine number 1 again.

Do you have a wine that you would like to see in your local liquor store?the animated comedy series and blog lunki and sika

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