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Robyn rocks Saturday Night Live

December 11, 2011

Last night Robyn was the musical guest when Katy Perry hosted Saturday Night Live. It’s the biggest thing in Swedish Music since Ace of Base reached success with The Sign and reached the no 1 spot at the US Billboard List in 1994.

But the fact that it’s a big deal, if not HUGE, doesn’t seem to penetrate the minds of Swedish journalists. Instead of writing about the awesomeness of Robyn, all of them are writing about yesterday’s Nobel Prize festivities. Yeah, yeah, we have the Nobel Prize in Sweden, we’ve had for ages, get over it Sweden.

Not that I hate scientists and authors and whoever else gets awarded, I just think if anyone is deserving of praise it’s Robyn.

She’s a cool, cute and amazing artist who I actually listen to. And I’m not alone, Robyn is trending on Twitter right now and is hailed with praise; like this tweet from Bret Easton Ellis:

Below you can hear her too (as long as NBC allows the clip to be online, if it’s gone you can see it here), here’s one of her performances from yesterday. So cool.

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