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A Movie Warning: Blackenstein aka Black Frankenstein (1973)

December 8, 2011

DUN DUN DUN! I thought the idea of a white man playing God and resurrecting the dead black man was a GREAT idea. DUN DUN DUN! Too bad the filmmakers didn’t agree. Dr. Stein doesn’t even resurrect the dead but he helps a black war veteran who lost his arms and legs to get new ones – an idea that is actually pretty cool when you try to do something new to the Frankenstein mythos. DUN DUN DUN!

But this is probably one of the worst films ever made so it really doesn’t come off as a reinvention but more like a fubar’s fubar. DUN DUN DUN!
But the movie have some fun bits in it. DUN DUN DUN! I mean… Dr. Stein won a Nobel’s PEACE Price for his work on DNA. DUN DUN DUN! The Peace prize? DUN DUN DUN! Really? DUN DUN DUN! The good old Doc doesn’t even know what the hell DNA is! DUN DUN DUN!

Just look at this screenshot featuring the war veteran’s girlfriend who fallen asleep after one of the movie’s MANY loooong scenes of pretending to work in a lab:

DUN DUN DUN! The Nobel Peace Prize winning DNA formula: in a jar. DUN DUN DUN! Marked “DNA”.

There is too many things gone wrong here to even list… DUN DUN DUN! I think my point about the overuse of the dramatic “DUN DUN DUN”-music cues have been established already so I guess I can drop that now? If they just have given the war vet new arms and legs and not a new brain… why does his head get reshaped with cro magnon eyebrows and a square shaped… afro? Why is there a nightclub with dirty street alleys and neon signs next to the mansion I thought was out on the countryside? Who are those people the war veteran monster kills? Why isn’t any of the main characters in on the final fight instead of another anonymous WHITE girl who just happened to walk into the movie?

Check out the trailer below. DUN DUN DUN!

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