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From Russia with Hate

November 16, 2011

Last week I heard a rumor that Janne the Director was going to Russia. When he came to the office I tried to find out why.

The first time I asked him why he was going to Russia he started crying, looked me in the eyes and whispered: “I have to find my son!”

The second time I asked him he simply said: “The cuisine.”

The third time I asked him he teared up once again and said: “I have grown my beard my whole life for this…”

The fourth time he pulled a knife and screamed: “WHO ARE YOU?!” then jumped out the window. The good thing: It was just a one floor fall. The bad thing: He landed on the pavement outside a daycare center, where he, armed with a knife, jumped in through their window.

(I should also add that I asked him the four times mentioned above within a minute… It took the police an hour to get here and by then he was long gone.)

The fifth time I asked him was today, over the phone, and he said: “What? I’m not going to Russia! Why the hell would I go to Russia?!” At the time he was sitting on a bus. In Russia.

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