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A Rant on Brett Ratner and his “Rehearsals are for Fags” Quote

November 11, 2011

Did you hear? Eddie Murphy is no longer hosting the upcoming Oscars. And who is replacing him? Billy Crystal… Don’t get me wrong, I love Billy Crystal, and I bet he’s gonna do a great job as usual. It’s just that I was so looking forward to seeing Eddie doing it.

I blame all of this on Brett Ratner. He got canned as Oscar producer after he  in an interview was quoted saying: “Rehearsals are for fags”. And when Brett left, his pal Eddie followed.

What’s the big deal folks? If Ratner doesn’t like rehearsals I think he is entitled to say so. Who are we to judge him for that? Some people like rehearsals, some don’t, that’s just a fact. I mean, Eddie Murphy on the other hand, is pro-rehearsals, as long as he gets to pay for it and it’s with someone dressed in women’s clothing.

But nevertheless, I can’t believe that just because Brett Ratner bowed out as producer, Eddie Murphy followed his lead. AND stating the reason for doing so by saying he “lost his creative partner”. Really, creative partner? When you consider Brett Ratner your creative partner, aren’t you really just saying: “I don’t know what “creative” means”?

Maybe the solution is that they need more “rehersals”. Brett Ratner needs to rehearse what to say during interviews and Eddie Murphy really needs to rehears words by looking them up in a dictionary.

That’s enough ranting for now. I’m going outside for a smoke now. No, I don’t really smoke cigarettes, but Janne the Director does and he offered me one. And after all this bad news I feel I could really suck on a fag right now. Maybe I can get a hang of it with some rehearsal?

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