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Weekly Recap: Whores and Doctors

November 8, 2011

It’s been some time since I last posted something here on the blog, and I blame my Internet. Sweden is known for having great and fast Internet service and for having it spread-out through the entire country. Sadly, my Internet connection is routed through a 28KB-dial-up modem located inside of a hut of some remote African tribe in Uganda. And the hut is set up behind a couple of big trees.

But it seems they moved the hut (or cut down the trees) because today my Internet is strong enough to get back to blogging. And to recap here’s a summary of this past week’s world events:

Michael Jackson’s doctor killed Michael Jackson, Lindsay Lohan spent five hours in jail, Marilyn Manson visited Las Vegas, Zlatan Ibrahimovic won some award, Justin Bieber had a baby, baby, baby oooh − and Kim Kardashian did something too and some other stuff I can’t remember now.

Oh yeah, Brett Ratner claimed he slept with Olivia Munn but later took the statement back by saying “I just tried to make her sound like a whore”.

What is worse? Accusing women that they slept their way to the top or being a man lying about sleeping with one?

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