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Sika’s 100 Greatest Movies of All Time! 37. Monty Python’s Life Of Brian (1979)

September 9, 2011

37. Monty Python’s Life Of Brian [DVD] (1979)

Plot: On a midnight clear 2,000 years ago, three wise men enter a manger where a babe is wrapped in swaddling clothes. It is an infant called Brian…and the three wise men are in the wrong manger.

For the rest of his life, Brian (Graham Chapman) finds himself regarded as something of a messiah — yet he’s always in the shadow of this other guy from Galilee.

A motion picture destined to offend nearly two thirds of the civilized world. And severely annoy the other third. (tagline)

Also Starring: John CleeseTerry GilliamEric IdleTerry JonesMichael PalinTerry JonesCarol Cleveland
Directed by: 
Terry Jones
Written by: Monty Python
Length: 94 min
Budget: $4,000,000
Gross Revenue: $20,045,115 (USA)

Favorite Quote:
Excuse me. Are you the Judean People’s Front? 
Fuck off! We’re the People’s Front of Judea!

Review: Sure, Eddie Murphy did a great job playing 7 characters in The Nutty Professor but here the six members of Monty Python are playing 40 characters.

..I realize after doing some quick math that it adds up to only 6,66 characters per Python..okay.. but if I add the fact that in the “stoning” scene some male Pythons play women dressed up as men..? Yeah, that’ll beat Eddie Murphys 7 characters any day. That scene rocks by the way (sorry for the bad pun).

Nerdiest Movie Trivia:
John Cleese thought it would be hilarious to have George Lazenby play Jesus; and wanted the tagline of the film to be “George Lazenby IS Jesus Christ”.

When the film’s producers contacted Lazenby he was working on another film and therefore unavailable. Kenneth Colley was then cast as Jesus.

Nerdiest Movie Trivia:
Due to Terry Jones refusal to do certain cuts, the film was banned in Norway for one year for blasphemy, which led it to be marketed in Sweden as “The film that is so funny that it was banned in Norway!”

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