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Hollywood Amnesia: Stephen, The King of Remakes

August 17, 2011

When I read through Stephen King’s filmography on IMDb I discovered that a bunch of the movies that are based on his stories have been remade.

I should be furious since I hate remakes, but I think this could be used as an excellent example of what happens when you make remakes of already good (or at least decent) movies.

Yeah, they become worse than their originals…
Carrie (1976) became Carrie (2002), Salem’s Lot (1979) became ‘Salem’s Lot (2004)

The Shining (1980) became “The Shining” (1997), Dead Zone (1983) became Dead Zone (2002)

Children of the Corn (1984) became Children of the Corn (2009), Maximum Overdrive (1986) became Trucks (2000).

And even if these now prove that remaking is bad, Hollywood doesn’t give up. Now THESE are up for a remake and THAT makes me furious:

Carrie (1976), yes yet another one, Firestarter (1984), Pet Sematary (1989), “The Stand” (1994) and Stephen King’s It (1990) which only leaves The Green Mile and Shawshank Redemption of the good ones to be remade, but I guess they will join the group real soon too. Sigh.the animated comedy series and blog lunki and sika

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