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The Killing

August 16, 2011

I know that this is one of the most outdated blog post so far in this blog, except the ones written by Sika who all originate from the 80’s.

As you all know TV Network AMC has a hit show called The Killing with among others Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman. I did however not see it because I decided to watch Forbrydelsen (The Killing) [DVD], the Danish original instead and it is totally awesome.

The Danes have for a long time out-shined us Swedes when it comes to feature films.
And when it comes to this crime/drama series we are not only out-shined, we are totally and utterly humiliated, crushed and left for dead. You could take the worst scene from Forbrydelsen and it would still be better than the best scene of any Swedish crime series. And as if winning the comparison wasn’t enough, the Danish scene would also put the Swedish scene over its lap and spank it like a defenseless new-born child.

But after all that praising, there is actually something that’s not that good with Forbrydelsen. And sadly it’s the Swedish actor Johan Gry. The second he opens his mouth, an unpleasant feeling comes creeping over me. The same terrible feeling I get when I watch an episode of Wallander (the Swedish original, not the Brannagh-one).

It is like the Danes put him in there just to remind us Swedes that, “we own you, we fucking own you!”

And they do own us, first they invented Carlsberg and made all Swedish beers obsolete, then we had the Swedish actor Mikael Persbrandt and they just had to bring out Mads Mikkelsen… and now they have made Forbrydelsen… What can I say? Only that if they own us.. That means they own Wallander, Basshunter and soon to be bankrupted car company SAAB too. Hahaha, suckers!

No but seriously, you own us Denmark… Congratulations.the animated comedy series and blog lunki and sika

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