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Sika’s 100 Greatest Movies of All Time! 60. Police Academy (1984)

August 16, 2011

60. Police Academy (Special Edition) [DVD] (1984)

Plot: New rules enforced by the Mayor mean that sex, weight, height and intelligence is no longer a factor for joining the Police Force, which opens a floodgate of new recruits to the Police Academy.

Mahoney (Steve Guttenberg) has been forced to sign up as the only alternative to prison and it doesn’t take long before he clash heads with the boorish Lieutenant Harris (G.W. Bailey). But Mahoney soon realizes he likes being a police cadet and wants to stay… while Harris wants him out!
Also Starring: Kim CattrallBubba SmithGeorge GaynesDavid GrafLeslie EasterbrookMichael WinslowDonovan ScottScott ThomsonBrant von HoffmanMarion Ramsey

Directed by:
Hugh Wilson
Written by: Neal IsraelPat ProftHugh Wilson
Length: 96 min
Budget: $4,500,000
Gross Revenue: $81,198,894 (USA)           

Be a police officer. All you do is join the farce. (tagline)

Review: I think this movie has gotten a bad rep due to the bad sequels it spawned. And there were many of them. Many, many, many… They even made a bad TV-show…

But if you could put Police Academy 2-8(?) aside, you would realize this movie is awesome. I know it’s hard since most of the carbon copied sequels are awful, but at least try.

Favorite Quote:
Lieutenant Harris: Mahoney! Remember, that nobody screws with me.
Mahoney: Well, maybe you’ll meet the right girl and all that will change.

Steve Guttenberg is great in the lead as cadet Mahoney and he is joined by a terrific bunch of co-stars doing great characters.

Once again, you have to disregard the fact you’ve seen Michael Winslow do his “out-of-sync-Bruce-lee-guy” or heard Marion Ramsey scream her “Freeze, dirt bag” a thousand times in the sequels and it becomes hysterical…

Nerdiest Movie Trivia: BruceWillis auditioned for the role of Mahoney.

Oh, and Kim Cattrall is in this one!! The sexy Sex and the City star was even sexier back in the early 80’s!! Who knew youth could be a factor..?

And btw, I actually met (and talked to) Kim Cattrall at a dinner party in England fifteen years ago. She was lovely.
Yeah, I know, that was a shameless piece of name-dropping, but I don’t get many chances to name-drop the few internationally known celebrities I’ve actually met. Hmm, now I only have to find a way to justify to put KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park on this list so I can tell you about when I met Paul Stanley in a drug store in Los Angeles…

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