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Sika’s 100 Greatest Movies of All Time! 73. Shaun of the Dead (2004)

August 8, 2011

73. Shaun of The Dead [DVD] (2004)

Plot: Shaun (Simon Pegg) neglects his girlfriend Liz (Kate Ashfield) by spending most of his time at the Winchester Pub with best friend Ed (Nick Frost). When Liz one day decides to dump Shaun, he vows to get his life back on track.

Unfortunately, it’s the same day that the dead has decided to come back to life. With a cricket bat and Ed by his side, Shaun sets out to rescue those he loves and heads to the safest place he knows… the Winchester.

Yes, it’s a romantic comedy. With Zombies! Yeay!!!
Also Starring: Lucy Davis, Dylan MoranPeter SerafinowiczJessica Hynes
Directed by: Edgar Wright
Written by: Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg
Length: 99 min
Budget: $6,556,000 (estimated)
Gross Revenue: $24,000,000 (estimated)

It’s just one of those days when you’re feeling a little…dead. (tagline)

Review: The Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg/Nick Frost collab started with the brilliant sitcom Spaced in 1999 and went on with two movies (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) with this one being my favorite of the two. But I really like Hot Fuzz too.

Favorite Quote: Ed: Don’t forget to kill Philip!

 Okay, so this is a Zombie-movie.. But if you expect to get a action/thriller-packed Resident Evil kind of movie you might be disappointed.

This is more like Bad Taste meets Night of the Living Dead meets Dawn of the Dead meets (insert a funny comedy here). And it totally works!
I didn’t think it would when I read about the project in Total Film magazine a year or so before I actually watched it. Back then I thought; hahaha the brits are making a zombie movie spoof, that is going to suck big time! Now it’s one of my 100 greatest movies of all time. I guess I have some apologizing to do.
Sorry for not believing in you. And sorry for thinking it was a zombie movie spoof.. Which I don’t think it is.

Sure, the funny lines are there, but the Zombie problem is no laughing matter (even though some of them are funny..).

So if you like me brushed it off as crap, you should reconsider.
The Edgar Wright/Simon Pegg/Nick Frost team-up is a force to be reckoned with. Bow down to them.

Oh, and keep your eyes open for some great cameos, and for god sakes watch the DVD extras.

Nerdiest Movie Trivia: When Shaun, Liz, David, Dianne, Barbara and Ed run into the alternative ‘gang’ as they make their way to the Winchester, there are quite a few comedy partnerships brought together again. Simon Pegg and Jessica Hynes (Tim and Daisy from Spaced)Lucy Davis and Martin Freeman (Dawn and Tim from The Office). Dylan Moran and Tamsin Greig (Bernard and Fran from Black Books)Julia Deakin and Nick Frost (in Spaced too, as Marsha and Mike).

More great DVD’s to buy:
Spaced – Definitive Collectors’ Edition [DVD]
Hot Fuzz (2 Disc Special Edition) [2007] [DVD]
The Office – Complete Series One & Two and The Christmas Specials [2001] [DVD]
Black Books – The Complete Box Set [DVD]

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  1. August 8, 2011 10:59

    I love that trivia. I knew some of those, but not all of those.

    I prefer “Hot Fuzz” to “Shaun” but it’s like asking me to choose beer or ice cream. They’re both the right choice.

    I have a friend who puts a bed sheet up in his backyard each year on Halloween and shows “Shaun of the Dead”. It’s a great tradition.

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