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Hollywood Fat Loss Losers

August 7, 2011

It is not a trend here at the office, but it seems to be the trend in Hollywood; Fat, funny guys becoming skinny.

Why is that?

Sure, I can understand Jonah Hill needed to drop a few pounds for his role on 21 Jump Street and I’m sure Jerry Ferrara (Turtle in Entourage) also had his reason.

And whatever it may have been he succeeded losing a lot of weight too.
But, what roles are they going to get after this? They are supposed to be funny fat guys.

Now they are just funny skinny funny guys that don’t look as good as the other funny skinny guys in Hollywood!
And since Seth Rogen also lost weight there are hardly any funny fat guys left.

I think this might be our big break. By using my Carlsberg diet I think the new Jonah, Jerry and Seth could be me, Sika and Janne the Director.

What do you say guys?

I call dibs on being the new Seth, I think I am the worthy successor because of my writer-actor-producer multi talent. You can fight it out over being the new Jonah and Jerry.

Hollywood here we come!the animated comedy series and blog lunki and sika

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  1. Betsy permalink
    August 7, 2011 10:59

    And where are all the fat, funny women? They didn’t get skinny, they went up in smoke I guess…or where there ever any…I forget…

    • Sika permalink*
      August 7, 2011 10:59

      Kathy Najimy got skinny. Kirsty Alley got fat, skinny, fat, skinny I think.. But Roseanne is fat and funny again!!

    • August 7, 2011 10:59

      I don’t get it… Do you all live under a rock or something? Look at a magazine or any kind of movie or TV-show… Then you’ll learn that ALL women are fat.

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