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America – Fuck Yeah!

July 25, 2011

I was happy to hear New York City announce that same-sex marriage would be legal as of July 24. Congratulation!!

Since the announcement they received 2,661 marriage license applications but the slots to get married were only 764. To make the selection a lottery was announced to decide which couples would be able to get to be married.

In the end it turned out only 823 couples wanted to try their luck in the lottery and the city decided to grant all of them to get married. Good for them.

I do however find it strange to see the whole thing turned into a lottery. I mean, for most people a wedding is the most important day of their lives. How weird isn’t it to turn that into a game of chance?

Or maybe i should say, how America is that? It is like when people try to cross the Mexican border in hope of a better life even though it’s guarded with armed guards and barbwire. And how does America tries to solve the problem? A green card lottery!

But even though I find all of that weird, I actually have some other lottery suggestions for America.

The Death Row Lottery. I know that America have a lot of people in prison and that the time between sentence to actual death penalty can be quite long. No problem! Have a lottery to simply free enough people from death row to make things run smoothly.

The Abortion Lottery. Perhaps it can lead to peace between pro-life organizations and normal people. Simply have a lottery were only 50% get to have an abortion.

Also, the government can sell these lottery tickets and use the money to pay off the budget deficit. Ka-ching!

You are welcome America.

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