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A Dark Day for Norway. A Dark Day for the World.

July 23, 2011

I spent this morning with All-in Pete at a local coffee shop. Most of the time we get together we discuss movies and what’s good on TV. But today we weren’t even close to discussing those topics.

Because at this very moment there are 91 Norwegians who won’t ever see a movie again. And the number is constantly growing, when I started writing this post the number was 84… Most of them not old enough to have started drinking coffee, and instead of discussing TV-shows they themselves made the news.

All because of some Norwegian terrorist madman/men with a “cause”, bomb making skills and a gun license for a Glock and an automatic weapon.

People in Norway call the bomb that detonated in downtown Oslo and the slaughter of teens on the island Utøya; the worst event in Norway since World War II.

Our discussion ranged between despair and hope for change in the future and we were even joined by the waitress and a homeless guy in our talk. It’s a topic that join people together which makes me feel even more hopeful that we together as humans can see to it that it never happens again.

I pray for their families and for the survivors. And I pray it will never happen again. In the meantime I know it will.

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