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Sika’s 100 Greatest Movies of All Time! 91. Three Men and a Baby (1987)

July 18, 2011

91. Three Men And A Baby [DVD] (1987)

Plot: Three bachelor friends; architect Peter (Tom Selleck), artist Michael (Steve Guttenberg), and actor Jack (Ted Danson) are sharing an apartment in Manhattan.

After Jack goes filming in Turkey his two flatmates find his baby daughter – which Jack doesn’t know about – left outside their door.

And the adventure begins.

Also Starring: Nancy Travis, Margaret Colin, Philip Bosco, Dave Foley, Earl Hindman, Colin Quinn
Directed by: Leonard Nimoy
Length: 102 min
Budget: $15 million
Gross Revenue: $167,780,960 (USA)
Earnings/Minute: $1,644,911

They changed her diapers. She changed their lives. (tagline)

Review: I saw this one back in 1987 or 88 or whenever it came to Sweden (back then we had to wait a year or so for it to cross the Atlantic.) and have re-watched it many times on VHS and DVD since then.

And if your like me love Cheers, men with great mustaches and Police Academy 1-7 (8?) this movie is going to fulfill your every need. This trio of actors and the chemistry between them is what makes this movie so enjoyable. I even got so mesmerized by them I enjoyed Three Men and a Little Lady too. I know, weird!

Favorite Quote:
Michael: She did a doodle; your turn to change her.
Peter: I’ll give you a thousand dollars if you’ll do it.

I also remember falling in love with Nancy Travis who plays the mother of the baby. A love that continued through The Vanishing and So I Married an Axe Murderer but ended suddenly in 2002.

I’m not blaming her performance in Stephen King’s Rose Red at all, she was just replaced by Milla Jovovich after seeing Resident Evil.

But enough about my lovelife and back to the review. One thing that I always forget and keep getting surprised by is that this movie is directed by Mr. Spock from Star Trek, Leonard Nimoy.

He has only directed twelve projects in his life including a T.J Hooker episode and since I haven’t seen that one I guess this one is his master piece. Is it just me or could the sequel have been better with him in the director’s chair?

Nerdiest Movie Trivia: After the movie appeared on home video, viewers noticed an image of what looked like a ghost standing behind a curtain and created the legend of a dead boy who had died in that house and returned during shooting to haunt the filmmakers. You can see the eerie image of a human figure reflected in the window during the scene where Jack Holden (Ted Danson) and his mother (Celeste Holm) are walking through the apartment. It looks like a boy; but it’s only a cardboard cut-out of Ted Danson that is standing behind the curtains. So no, there’s no ghost boy in this movie.

Anyway, the movie is a lovely portrayal of three carefree bachelors who is forced to grow up when a little baby comes into their lives.

And even though there’s the cheesy 80’s plot with drugs and drug dealers the movie is a must-see and definitely a must-have in any DVD collection.

Prequels, Sequels and other Movie Connections:

Trois hommes et un couffin (1985) or Three Men and a Cradle, the French original from 1985.
Three Men and a Little Lady (1990) the sequel.
Three Men and a Bride (2012) the threequel.
Heyy Babyy (2007), an Indian remake.

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  1. July 18, 2011 10:59

    I think 3 Men and a Little Lady is one of the worst movies ever made… Not counting amateur movies and Finnish porn.

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