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You don’t need balls to handle balls

July 17, 2011

My Stephen King movie marathon yesterday was a REAL marathon. I didn’t realize I had chosen three of “his” mini-series and The Stand (6 hours), Storm of the Century (4 hours) and IT (3 hours) added up to a 13 hour film festival. But it was totally worth it.

I also squeezed in the soccer game between Sweden and France in the Women’s World Cup. I was so happy the Swedish girls won. I don’t get why some people hate women’s soccer. Sure, compared to men’s soccer it’s slower and most of the players aren’t as technical but as long as it’s entertaining (and I think it is, especially on a national team level) who cares?

Also, as you might have read, Janne the Director suggested we raise the stakes in our bet about me finishing my “100 Greatest Movies all Time” before Chile’s National Day in September. Oh yes, he has walked right into my trap. I deliberately started slow and waited for him to want to raise the bet.. Now I am going to start posting the movies on the list faster than Victoria Beckham loses her pregnancy fat. Well.. maybe not THAT fast, but pretty fast..

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