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The Safest Bet Ever

July 17, 2011

Janne the Director with a Space Mahoney t-shirt from the movie No Law 4000A bet hasn’t been this safe since the famous “did every guy in the audience try to see the blue chick’s nipples in Avatar”-bet of 2009.

About a month ago I bet Sika he wouldn’t be able to finish his “100 Greatest Movies of All Time!”-list before Chile’s National Day (September 18 for you heathens that don’t know).

The loser has to buy the winner 3 beers and a girly drink while we partied like it was February 12th, 1818*. All he had to do was to produce one list entry every other day and it would be a done deal.

Well, I know that Sika writes a blog entry in 10 minutes and then fiddles with it for a week before he publish it so I felt quite safe. Now it’s been 7 weeks since he started the list and he has actually managed to post… 8 movies. So if he keeps this pace he will actually make it to Chile’s National Day!

…in 2013.

So, like any humble man would, I talked to Sika and doubled the bet. And he agreed to the new terms. Fuck yeah; I’m gonna be drinking 6 beers and TWO girly drinks for free on September 18th!

*The day Chile proclaimed independence. I guess they needed another week to fiddle with the details before they actually had their National Day?

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