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We have Beards so we have a Death Wish

July 12, 2011

The Director of the Animated Comedy Series Lunki and Sika Janne the DirectorYeah, I have been looking at all of the five Death Wish movies just because I can’t sleep when it’s hot at night.

I’m a Swede and I’m used to sleep in snow.

If it gets too cold I’ll just slice two penguins open and use them as slippers before I slice an elk open and sleep in its stomach while it is slowly dying.

But when it’s too hot? I have no idea what to kill to keep myself cool.

So yeah, I watched The Complete Death Wish Collection and what can I say? I now know that the worst job a female actor can get is a role in a Death Wish movie. At best you will get raped and killed. At worst you will get raped, survive and get raped and killed in a sequel (that last part actually never happened though but it could’ve!).

I also learned that Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin-fame can’t make a movie score. The music he created for Death Wish II and Death Wish 3 sounds like a pre-programmed synthesizer from the 80’s that is slowly dying in a big microwave oven.

I also learned how to kill and if you are half the man that Charles Bronson was (and I am half the man he is now) you don’t have to duck when a gang of thugs shoots at you. Gang members are worse shots than stormtroopers so when I face off with the local Hell’s Angels gang that lives nearby I will just stand there and shoot them down one by one. It will be awesome.

I also think it will make it cooler because all that leather, fat and beards those Hell’s Angels is packing must generate extra heat in the area…


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