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Sika Goes to Vansbro – Part Six: The Final Chapter

July 12, 2011

My weekly trip to Vansbro is over. I’m back in Northern Sweden after a long and delayed train ride. The train company SJ has been in hot water the last couple of years with a lot of delays due to track problems, electrical faults and during the winter they blame ice and snow.

Yesterday’s excuse for the delay was a new one as far as I know; I heard this announcement coming out of the speakers:

“Sorry for the delay but there are people on the tracks and we can’t go on before they… well, before they get out of the way.”

It took them 45 minutes to do that.

The last couple of days in Vansbro was eventful and even if I’m still not laughing about being lost in the woods I really think I did pretty good with my list of things to experience while in Vansbro. Pretty damn good.

1. See local band Svenne Rubins. The day before the swimming competition he was up on stage when national radio show Melodikrysset broadcasted live from the event. I even took a picture of him!
2. Meet Swedish ski legend Gunde Svan. Yes I hunted him down. Well.. he was swimming in the competition ans I got a glimpse of his back and swim cap, but hey. It was him!
3. Meet Swedish singer Patrik Isaksson. He’s on tour for two weeks so I should really blame him for this one.
4. And his wife Sofia Rågenklint. Yes, twice in two days. Stalker warning? Her I mean, not me..
5. Watch the swimming competition Vansbrosimmet on Sunday. Done! And here’s a scoop for you; next year I promise to be part of the swimming competition!
6. Go fishing and catch a fish. YES!! After I got lost in the woods, we all went fishing and I got three Perches (I had to google the name since in Sweden we call them Abborrar.)
7. Stop sweating. Well, at least I tried..
8. Learn how to take a proper photograph. NAILED IT! Or what else can you say about this magnificent photograph of Svenne Rubin, lead singer of local band Svenne Rubins!

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