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Diary of a Shopaholic

July 12, 2011

Janne the Director with a Space Mahoney t-shirt from the movie No Law 4000Or was it a regular alcoholic? I can’t remember what the doctor, cops and judges said…

Whatever holic I am I’m on a shopping spree again after saving some money by selling my neighbor’s lawnmower. That should teach that smug bastard not to gloat about going to Greece for the summer.

This is what I’ll read while having a yard sale on his yard:

Top Ten Book 1 and Promethea Book One by Alan Moore

Been a huge fan of his since the first time I picked up his V for Vendetta (that no movie could make justice of) but for some reason I have been dreading to read his later work.

My Top 3 Alan Moore:

  1. From Hell (that no Johnny Depp-movie could make justice of) is pretty much The Wire but instead of trying to nail drugdealers they try to nail Jack the Ripper.
  2. Lost Girls (Hardcover Edition) is… porn. But Alan Moore makes it classy like no other writer can. It’s the story of Alice from Alice In Wonderland, Wendy from Peter Pan and Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz meet up as grown ups and tell grown up stories about grown up things. It’s the book that made me feel comfortable trying on more recent Alan Moore…
  3. V for Vendetta (that no Natalie Portman-movie could make justice of) is still the most clever satire ever. It makes 1984 look like a season of Big Brother.

The Boys: Highland Laddie v. 8

Yeah, I’ve gotten this far and still enjoying the ride so why quit now?

I was thinking of buying a shitload of Blu-Rays too but Amazon refuses to let me know if they sell movies that I can play on my Region 2/B player or what kind of subtitles are available. So I’ll just spend the money on booze instead.


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