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Sika Goes to Vansbro – Part Four: My Stephen King Moment and a bunch of other Old References

July 9, 2011

Yesterday was a real vacation day here in Vansbro, none of that exercise crap was even suggested. Perhaps my friend Anna noticed my John Wayne walk caused by the previous days intense training and let me off the hook for 24 hours.

I’ve noticed since I came here that the days have played out like movies. As I’ve mentioned before I suspected (and correctly I might add) my trip here to be a Don’t tell her it’s me situation. And these last couple of days have also made me feel like Rocky.

And today was full of multiple movie moments, things occured that made me feel like I was starring in:

1. Children of the Corn: Yes, it could just as well have been a scene straight out of a Stephen King story. Hundreds of kids was roaming the streets; running as fast as they could.

Luckily it was just a fun event that is a yearly thing here in Vansbro during the week before the big swimming competition.

Even more luckily was the fact they weren’t all blonde and blue-eye and walked real slow (or stood still staring). THAT would have scared the hair off my back (or whatever the saying is).

2. Vertigo: I’m actually not sure what vertigo is, but I rode the carousel at the local fun fair with the 4-year-old daughter of the family and started getting dizzy immediately. I was standing right behind her and the wooden car she had chosen to sit in for her ride. I held on for fear of my life to a steel bar and tried to focus on a clown picture located in the middle of the carousel. It didn’t help at all; and the wodden horse that tried to penetrate me from behind didn’t help either.

3. The Invisible Man: Standing in a new town surrounded by strangers made me feel like Chevy Chase in that funny movie from 1990 something. I even thought I saw Darryl Hannah, but it turned out to be Sofia Rågenklint. So even if I at first was disappointed I got real happy when I realized I could check another thing of my list! It turned out her husband singer Patrik Isaksson is on tour for two weeks so I’m definitely going to fail that one. But one out of two ain’t that shabby!

AND I’m having fun while failing. Maybe too much fun. This week could end like one of my favorite John Belushi skits from SNL… I hope you get that reference ’cause I didn’t find it on YouTube to help you out.

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  1. July 9, 2011 10:59

    “John Belushi skits from SNL”

    End up fat and dead?

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