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A Four-Year-Old Girls Top 4 Favorite Things

July 4, 2011

Sika with a family guy monkey on his t-shirt.I have arrived in Vansbro after a loooong car ride. It could have gone faster but as we are Swedes we had to stop at every IKEA on the way. I think it says so in our constitution. And we passed two of them.

But despite its length, the trip was quite enjoyable. I got my hands on a phone that featured the game Angry Birds which I had never tried before. I’m now hooked. But a word of warning! Apparently hogging the Angry Bird game could lead to Angry Kids. And that’s nothing you want to play around with.

I’ll be back tomorrow and bring you a report from my first day in Vansbro. And by then I will have come up with a catchy name for my travel diary!!

I’ll leave you with my favorite quote of the day which came from the four-year-old girl sitting next to me in the back seat as she listed things she likes. It was hilarious. Here it is, her top 4:

1. Pee
2. Poo
3. Disco
4. Ghosts in school

I wasn’t sure I got that last one right, I laughed so hard.

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  1. Jan B permalink
    July 4, 2011 10:59

    I’m shure you must have misheard Sika. There are many words that sound alike in Swedish. Ghosts for example… If you translate it you can have pick of these: booze, smoken, mess(es), cuckoo, missus (as in female teacher), the hawk, the onion, the fart… So you see, to judge from the other items in her list I would probably go for the onion. That makes sense.

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