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I like Tiger Blood too [and a half men]

June 27, 2011

I was going to tell you that I decided to give Two and a half men a chance but that I could only endure it for two and a half minutes..

It was like watching Platoon but without the humor.

But then I realized how corny a blog post like that would seem when it was months ago someone even mentioned “the man who’s living my dream“.

I don’t want to be like Sika and write about stuff from the 80’s. I want to be current!

I guess I can to wait to make a statement until Kurscht.. Kur… K… that Punk’d kid takes over..

So. Never mind.

Oh, and I came up with so many titles for this post, here are the top six who didn’t make the cut..

  • Two and a half minutes of Two and a half men
  • I like Tiger [Woods] Blood too [and a half men]
  • Too [and a half men] late
  • Boys II½ Men
  • Pla-Too-n and a half men
  • Punny two and a half men title

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