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We have Beards so we know Movies: Super 8 (2011)

June 26, 2011

Me and Janne the Director just went to see Super 8.

It’s a movie about a bunch of kids who while shooting their own Super 8 movie witness a mysterious train crash and start to investigate the event when strange things start to happen in their small town.

We thought it was fantastic.

I had a feeling going in I finally would get to see a new The Goonies. And it was! Well, not as good as The Goonies, but close enough.

Both me and Janne the Director agreed that some scenes were a little over the top and that the feeling of less is more that movies like E.T and The Goonies have, Super 8 lacked. Instead it was an action-packed adventure full of explosions, military and the hunt for a mysterious cargo on a derailed train.

It’s so easy to constantly compare it with The Goonies, not only because the story revolves around a bunch of kids stumbling into an adventure and the use of a fat kid, but also when it comes to “message” and great acting.

The kids in this movie are especially great. The Fanning sisters are apparently the new Caulkins, this time proven by Dakota’s kid sister Elle Fanning pretty much out-staging every one else.

Janne the Director says he can’t wait to see her grow up and make a rape movie like Dakota.
the animated comedy series and blog lunki and sika
Joel Courtney in the lead is also someone to keep an eye on in years to come. I did however just read he has signed on to play Tom Sawyer in yet another remake of the famous Mark Twain story; which scares me.

Anyone remember Jonathan Taylor Thomas..? Yeah, exactly..

And for every movie and TV nerd out there, pay attention, the movie is full of fun references and throwbacks to both writer/director J.J. Abrams and producer Stephen Spielberg‘s previous works.

Anyway, go see it. We highly recommend it.

And nice as I am, I’ll let Janne the Director get the last word and since it’s both explicit AND contain a SPOILER you have to highlight the text to read it:

I didn’t like the design of the E.T. in the movie… Or as I like to call him: D.T. (Digital Terrestrial). It looked like a Transformers made out of meat who could probably transform itself into a vagina.

the animated comedy series and blog lunki and sika
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