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Amazon is great!

June 16, 2011

janne-the director with the incredible-hulk t-shirt…when they don’t suck.

A few weeks ago I made an order at and a week ago I received it all. But there was some problems…

First of all an error on my side: I ordered Nat Turner AND Nat Turner Book 2: Revolution: Revolution Bk. 2, assuming that I got the two books that completed the epic.

It turns out the book simply called “Nat Turner” is the complete collection so there was no need to buy book 2. And that is my fault because I should have read that… ehm… on amazon’s easy to read production details.

The second problem isn’t really amazon’s fault either…

When I popped in The Muppet Show Series 3 in my DVD-player it didn’t feature the Swedish subtitles the site’s production details stated it had. In Amazon’s defense: the DVD-box itself states the same thing. So I wrote them an email to let them know about the errors stated on the site and on the box.

Today I got a new Muppet Show Series 3-DVD in the mail without any explanations why, or if I should send the old one back or not. And then there was something else this new DVD didn’t have: Swedish subtitles.

The thing is; I just wanted them to know about the error so they could change the production details so others won’t make the same mistake I did.. I don’t watch the Muppet Show with subtitles anyway – that would just attract the company of kids and I don’t want those around.

So should I send amazon a new email and get a third DVD-box without Swedish subs or..? It’s not like they have changed the production details after my last email.

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  1. June 16, 2011 10:59

    Bummer about the Swedish subtitles, but do you guys need them for the Swedish Chef scenes?

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