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Star Wars Kid Episode II – Revenge of the Dog Sither

June 15, 2011

I’m stuck house and dogsitting again. All in Pete has gone to Paris, France for a long weekend of partying and socializing with other international t-shirt moguls.

As head of Swedish t-shirt subscription company T-Post he is featured in a new Canal+ original documentary called T-Shirt Stories premiering this weekend.

Me, as I said, am stuck house and dogsitting.


And if that unjustice wasn’t enough, Janne the Director spent all day yesterday hanging with ILM’s Lorne Peterson at a creative summit. And I think Lunki was there too!

Lorne as you know is the creator of the Star Wars Death Star and Millennium Falcon to mention a few of his many, many creations.


To even things out against all three of them, I’m planning on finishing the Lego Star Wars game All in Pete started on his Wii.

And as a bonus I might clean out All in Pete‘s beer stash, change the dog’s name to Chewie and tape a sequel to Star Wars Kid over the tape that says “the birth of my first born”.


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