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We have Beards so we know Movies: Meh-lan-uncool-ia (2011)

June 9, 2011

Janne the Director with a Space Mahoney t-shirt from the movie No Law 4000I love Lars von Trier. Well not him per se since he is, you know…. Danish.

But I love the way he makes his films and the way he loves to provoke and entertain at the same time. Not a lot of filmmakers do that anymore unless you count Shane van Dyke.

I love that I love half of the movies he has made and that I hated the others.

So I watched Melancholia yesterday, his end of the world movie about Kirsten Dunst being really depressed. And it was a long time since I was this provoked… to take a nap.

Actually; Kirsten Dunst takes a nap in the movie and I stopped watching her wedding dress-cleavage (#17 on my fetish list) and thought that a nap sounded like a great idea. I didn’t do it though.

The plot is basically any episode of The Simpsons stretched out for two or three hours. You know how it always starts with Homer descripted as the worst Dad ever but in the end, when it really counts he is the best. Well, change Homer into Kirsten in a wedding dress and replace the words “worst Dad” to “sleepiest hipster chick” and you got Lars von Trier’s biggest failure.

His biggest failure to ME. It’s not his worst but it’s completely “meh” and that is a greater sin when it comes from the Dane than anyone else.

Another similarity to The Simpsons: while watching it you think how it used to be so much better before.

I give it three Motörhead Shiraz out of five.

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